Jesus, Your Mercy

This song, and this band (Sovereign Grace Music), has become a wonderful part of my morning devotions. Their songs are theologically rich, Christ-centered, and they truly help turn my eyes upon Jesus. I wanted to unpack some of the deep lyrics that this song in particular has, that really move me. And thank Jesus for His mercy toward us, His undeserving children. The song is called, “Jesus Your Mercy”

Verse 1:

“Jesus, Your mercy is all my plea I have no defense, my guilt runs too deep. The best of my works pierced Your hands and Your feet. Jesus, Your mercy is all my plea.”

We cannot each morning look to heaven with a clear conscience, and plea with Him about our own goodness. We cannot raise our voice and exclaim, “Lord, I have been so good, do you see how good I’ve been?” Because He not only sees our actions, but the intentions of our hearts. We might be better than we were, but in comparison to Jesus, our works are filthy rags. The best of our works pierced His hands and His feet, therefore we plea for His mercy. We could not deserve His mercy less, yet He gives His mercy so graciously. What a wonderful reminder each morning as we wake up, that His mercy is new for us today. Jesus, thank you for Your mercy toward us, Your undeserving children.

Verse 2:

“Jesus, Your mercy is all my boast. The goodness I claim, the grounds of my hope. Whatever I lack it’s still what I need most. Jesus, Your mercy is all my boast”

What do we have, that we have not been given? Since the best of our works put Him on the cross, what could we possibly boast in? Our boast is not in us, but in Him. We have no grounds for boasting in anything, other than the perfect work of Christ. His propitiation made a way for our perfectly righteous Father to remain righteous, fulfill the Law in His Son, and justify us unrighteous beings. Our righteousness is not our own, but His. We are not clothed in our righteousness, but His. Therefore, the only thing we can boast in is Him, and Him alone. Jesus, thank you for Your mercy toward us, Your undeserving children.

Verse 3:

“Jesus, Your mercy is all my rest. When fears weigh me down and enemies press. A comfort I cling to in life and in death. Jesus Your mercy is all my rest.”

“Come to me all who are weary, and heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” says Jesus. How true, how freeing, how amazing is His mercy and grace toward us! The Law is fulfilled, the work is done, all we do is passively receive this perfect work by faith. When fears take hold, which they will at times, all we can do is look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, and rest in Him. We must cling to that work, and seek to rest in Him. One of the most convicting questions any pastor has ever asked me is this: Are you seeking to earn God’s love and mercy, or are you resting in God’s love and mercy? I’ll ask you this same question today. Are you resting, or earning? Rest in His perfect work today by faith. Trust Him, and He will give you rest. He will give you the power to do the works He has laid before you. Cling to Him, rest in Him. Thank you Jesus, for Your mercy toward us, Your undeserving children.

Verse 4:

“Jesus, your mercy is all my joy. Forever I’ll lift my heart and my voice. To sing of a treasure no pow’r can destroy. Jesus, your mercy is all my joy.”

Oh what a joy it is to be forgiven! Oh what a joy it is to be redeemed! Oh what a joy it is to know Jesus! There is no greater treasure in this world. He is the end of all searching, the satisfaction of our souls. He is the infinite joy we all pursue. John Calvin said, “All seek to be happy, but scarcely does a man seek for happiness in God.” Nothing but Jesus can quench our thirst. Nothing but Jesus can relieve our guilt, wash our stains, and set us free. The Christian life is one of joy, freedom, and victory. We truly do have victory through Jesus, by faith alone. Trust Him today! Repent today! Turn to Him, and seek forgiveness. Thank you Jesus, for Your mercy toward us, Your undeserving children.


“Praise the King who bore my sin. Took my place when I stood condemned. Oh how good You’ve always been to me. I will sing of Your mercy.”

Anxiety, fear, and worry cannot survive in an environment of praises to Jesus. You are designed to praise Him, therefore when you truly live a God-honoring lifestyle, and sing praises to His Name you experience the all-satisfying joy that only Christ can bring. The substance of our praise should always be Christ in our place. That the wrath of God was coming for us, and rightfully so, and Jesus entered the scene and bore it all. Now, only because of Him can we be forgiven. What other fuel do you need for praise? Christ our substitute, Christ the propitiation, Christ the King risen in power to never die again. What a glorious reality, and what an amazing reason to praise HIs perfect Name. Thank you Jesus, for Your mercy toward us, Your undeserving children.

Thank you Jesus, for Your mercy.

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