Children: God’s Handiwork

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” – Psalm 139:13

As I watch my wife journey through this pregnancy, this verse seems to stay on my mind. Every ultrasound her and I are both amazed at God’s craftsmanship in creating human life. God knew this child before she was in the womb, God is forming this child every moment, and it is nothing short of a miracle. God is active, involved, and completely sovereign over every molecule that makes up every child. Glory to God for His awesome power.

If children are God’s handiwork, then abortion is satan’s handiwork. Everything God creates, satan seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan has been trying to destroy what God is doing since the garden. You see him trying to kill the Seed that God promised in the Proto-Evangelium (The first proclamation of the gospel in Genesis 3:15) all throughout history. When Jesus became incarnate, you see satanic activity very early on. King Herod killed every male child in Bethlehem and the surrounding region in an attempt to stamp out the life of the Messiah. The systems of this world have been set up to try and kill Jesus, since the very beginning. Now that the Seed (Jesus) has come, you can see Satan trying to destroy His children, as early in their stage of life as he possibly can. The systems of the world have been set up in an attempt to kill Jesus, and now you see the same systems trying to kill His children, at the earliest stages of life.

You can see God’s hand at work in the creation of a child, and you can also see Satan’s hand at work in opposition to what God creates. What God brings to life, Satan wants to see die. Wombs should be miraculous life-giving chambers. Satan loves to see wombs as tombs.

As the church, called to be salt and light, we should always be willing to stand up for what is true. And the truth is, life begins at conception. When a child is conceived their life begins. They should have basic human rights, like every other image-bearer of God.

The Bible is not silent on issues of today, like abortion. Remember John the Baptist? He was the first to leap for joy at the coming of our Lord Jesus, and he wasn’t even born yet.

“And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.” – Luke 1:41

We see John the Baptist, in the womb, experiencing joy. Having some measure of understanding. He was alive. The Bible has many instances that speak to the sanctity of life, and we should unapologetically speak out on these issues. We want these babies to leap for joy in their mothers womb, not shudder in terror as their lives are snuffed out.

Pray, study the word, speak out, vote, and do all of your engagement in this war with a disposition of love.

So, as my wife and I journey through this pregnancy we are grateful. We are mindful that God is sovereign, and we can trust him. We are thankful that we aren’t merely expecting a child, but that we have a child. She just hasn’t arrived in the world quite yet. And we hope, like John the Baptist, that she will leap for joy at the name of Jesus one day!

Please join us in praying for our country, and that the sanctity of life would be restored.

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