A Prayer For Our Schools

As I look at our world in 2020, there are three people groups that my heart goes out to, and that my heart hurts for. Students, parents-of-students, and teachers.

This upcoming school year will have so many challenges. This mask-wearing, temperature-checking world they are walking into may be a shock to the senses. These waters will be difficult to navigate, and that’s why it is important to keep them in prayer now, more than ever.

Here is my prayer for the 2020 school year:


We don’t know what this year holds, but You do. We acknowledge Your sovereignty, and we place our faith, trust, and hope in You alone.

We lift up the students of 2020. We ask that You would protect them from any virus, any political agendas, and that somehow they would enjoy this year. We desire that Your Word would spread among them, that Your gospel would spread among them, and that this virus would not.

We ask that You would guard their little hearts from fear, and anxiety. Please fill them with peace, and hope. Help them to smile, and look to You each and every day of this school year.

We lift up the parents of the students. We ask that as they drop their kids off each day, they would have a peace that only comes from Your Holy Spirit. That these times would strengthen their trust in You.

Each day, as they watch their children scurry into school, help turn the eyes of their heart upon You, and off of the uncertainty of the future. Help them rejoice at the wonderful gift of parenthood, and the common grace of each day. Help them be at peace with their decision to send their child to school, or keep them home.

We lift up the teachers of 2020. We ask that You would protect them from any virus, any political agendas, and that somehow they would enjoy this school year. Please fill them with courage, boldness, peace, and joy. As they man their post each day, watching over the lives of these children, please give them a confidence in their position that you’ve ordained.

Help them to see the great impact they are having on Your young people. When they are afraid, remind them that You are with them. When they feel weak, please show Yourself strong. Let them be lighthouses for the young ones to look to in these dark times.

Father we acknowledge Your omniscience, Your omnipresence, and Your omnipotence. You know all things, You are present in these times, and You are powerful to do as you please. We surrender our will to Yours, and ask that You would be merciful, and gracious to these students, their parents, and their teachers.

In Jesus’ mighty name,


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