A Letter To Our Child In The Womb

Life is an interesting thing. We could write this letter to our daughter, and she could stumble across it in High School. We could write this letter to our daughter, and she could stumble across it at our funeral. We could write this letter to our daughter, and she could never read it at all. This was the case with our first daughter. It is ultimately God’s decision. Providence decides, and we’re trusting that things done in faith, are never done in vain.

As her parents there are things that we want her to know. We want her to know that we care for her, before she has done anything good or bad. We want her to know that we’re thinking about her, before she has taken one step on this planet. We want her to know that we are praying for her, while the God we’re praying to is still forming her in the womb.

To our daughter in the womb,

You are not yet named. You have not yet rebelled. You have not yet obeyed. You have done nothing good, or bad, and yet we love you. We love you with an immutable love. A love that won’t diminish on your worst days. A love that won’t grow greater on your best days. A love like the God we serve.

In our eyes, you are not yet named. In God’s eternal eyes, you are. Our decision, will be His decision. Behind all decisions, are His decisions. Behind all of our willing, is His willing. Therefore, when your sixteen and don’t like your name, you can take it up with the Sovereign God. He says in Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” He knows your name, your hair color, your personality, your final destination, and He decided all these things before the foundation of the world. He loves you, He will never leave you, and He is Lord.

You will hear much about God. And you already have. We have felt you move. We have shared music with you. You have heard the Word preached. You have sat in church every Sunday since your heart started being. You have heard hymns. You have heard singing. And you have heard preaching. We pray with all our might that this continues in your life. Nothing will bring us more joy, than to watch you one day, sit in the front pew, look up with your Bible in hand, and wait to be told where to turn. Tears fill our eyes even thinking about it.

There are a few things we’re praying for you child, and we hope you will hear our hearts through this letter. We are praying you surrender your life to Jesus. That you submit yourself to Him, and His Word. That you turn from your sin one day, and continue turning until you breathe your last. He is far better than anything else. All the sin, and systems of this world, promise things they cannot fulfill. They promise you satisfaction, and leave you wanting more. They promise you happiness, and leave you sad. They promise you joy, and leave you joyless. There is only One whose promises deliver, and that’s Jesus. Remember these words as sin tempts you, and attempts to draw you away: He is better. Remember this quote from John Calvin, “All seek to be happy, few seek for it in God.” Seek for happiness in Him.

We are praying one day that your spouse is a godly man. A man who is passionate about serving the Lord. A man who is not content with a shallow understanding. A man who will lay in bed at night, and talk deeply with you about the things of God. A man who will model the love of Christ for His bride. A man who will sharpen you, and make your walk with Christ better. Any man who helps you follow Jesus, is a man that we will approve of. We are praying for that man, even now.

We are praying that you arrive here safely. We have experienced tragedy, and our greatest hope is that we hear you cry one day. We hope that you can be patient with us as we learn to raise you. We hope one day you will understand why we do what we do. Our goal is for you to fearfully, and joyfully, serve the Lord Jesus, and we know we will make mistakes. No matter what stage of life you read this letter, if you read it at all, please forgive us for ever failing you. We are fallen creatures, and we’re sure we will have moments that require your forgiveness.

One thing we’ve learned, is that the future is uncertain. But we know who certainly holds the future. We don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but we can say we’ve already enjoyed your little life. The months that we’ve had feeling you kick and move, are more than we deserve, so we are thankful for the grace of God. We know that your heartbeat is sustained by God, and we are trusting Him every moment. We love you dear child, and until we meet one day, keep your eyes on Him.


Your Mom, and Dad.

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