Christ Is King: A Prayer For This Hour

“He who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone has immortality, who dwells in unapproachable light, whom no one has ever seen or can see. To him be honor and eternal dominion. Amen.” -1 Timothy 6:15-16

There are major differences between the King of kings, and the presidential candidates in this election. The King of kings is in absolute control. The King of kings answers to no one, and these candidates answer to the King. The King has eternal dominion. The King knows all, is the primary cause of all things, and can absolutely be trusted. Christians should have blessed peace, even in the midst of this chaos. All hail King Jesus!

I am grateful that so many Christians have spoken up in this election season. I have seen so many take a stand against the murder of unborn children, against the sexual revolution happening in the United States, and against socialistic agendas. Many have stood firm in the face of the “tolerant” and “loving” left. Many have taken a stand, but not enough. May the Lord send more workers!

My prayer is that pastors would begin to see, that speaking out, standing up, and standing firm against darkness, isn’t getting “caught up in the weeds”, but rather it is working in the field. Christians are called to reflect their Lord in saying the hard things, and exposing evil. Cowardice has severely hurt our country, and my prayer is that courage would be a common character trait found in churches across our land. That the Lord would raise up courageous men to fill our pulpits.

As this election winds down, and we begin to see the Lord’s will for our country for the next four years, I wanted to pray with you, and ask the Lord for forgiveness:

“King of kings, and Lord of lords,

You alone are worthy of our praise. You are Holy, Holy, Holy, and we bow before your throne. You are ruler of all, by virtue of your resurrection from the dead. We know that you are at the right hand of the Father, and you are Sovereign over every detail in Your Universe. We praise you, because you make no mistakes, and everything you ordain, and do, is right.

Lord, we ask forgiveness for the depravity in our country. Forgive us for the almost 60,000,000 babies who have been murdered in our country since 1973. Each one is in your presence, and their blood cries to you from the ground. Avenge their blood, and execute justice on those who have spilled the blood of the innocent! Also, remind the ones who hold the office of pastor, that their silence on these issues, makes them complicit.

Lord, we ask forgiveness for allowing our nation to reflect the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. Your covenant rainbow promise is proudly waved for the sin of homosexuality, transgenderism, and much of the church is silent as we elect officials who endorse this behavior. We have allowed our schools to indoctrinate our children with radically anti-christian world-views, and now we are reaping what we’ve sown. Be merciful to us Lord, and give us courage to stand on Your Holy Word.

Lord, we ask forgiveness for our complacency in sharing the gospel. The sins of our nation reflect our laziness in evangelism, and our love for comfort. Much of the church has diluted your gospel, removing your Holy Wrath, Your Holy Righteousness, and neglecting to tell people that they must be born-again. Return to us the joy of seeing others be truly saved. Return to us a passion for evangelism.

Lord, forgive us for allowing so many false teachers to enter your church. The ones you call to the pastorate have a primary duty to protect the sheep from wolves, and many have grown lax in this area. Your work, word, and ways are mocked in “churches”, and pastors are silent. Give us the strength we need to protect our flocks from wolves in sheeps clothing.

Lord, forgive us for allowing the world to dictate how our families operate. Male headship seems to be disintegrating with the culture. The culture is attempting to erase the roles of men and women. Raise up men in this time, who conform themselves to the Word and not the world. Restore the family structure in our nation, and give us strength as the world attempts to reconstruct the nuclear family unit.

Lord, You know all things, and you know every word before it is on our lips. We cry out, we plead with you, that you would help us in this time. Be merciful to Your people, and forgive us where we’ve failed you.

In Jesus name,


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