Our Daughter’s Role Models: Kamala or ACB?

“I don’t have a reason to celebrate Harris. Her entire political career has been characterized by a ghoulish delight in the murder of unborn babies. Funded and supported by Planned Parenthood (who alone is responsible for over 300 thousand murders a year), she pushed for pro-life centers to be forced to advertise for free abortion and targeted pro-life activists as AG of CA. As senator, she sponsored the most extreme abortion bill in legislative history that sought to remove restrictions from late term abortion. She voted against the Born Alive Infant Survivors Protection Act, which simply sought to protect the lives of babies who survive abortion. She and Biden both support repealing the Hyde Amendment, which means our federal tax dollars will be directly funding abortion. I’m supposed to celebrate that? No, thanks. It would be laughable, if it weren’t so downright tragic, for any Christian to do so.” -Allie Stuckey

Our daughters will acquire role models, it is inevitable. And parents play a major role in shaping their world-view. If we don’t look these issues head on, and know what these women stand for, then our daughters may find heroes that radically shape their world-view in an anti-christian way. Look these issues head on, for our daughters sake, and let’s get our head out of the clouds and sand.

Let me say this plainly, Kamala Harris is not a hero of the Christian faith. What she has voted for, and advocates for, is anti-Christian. I am blown away that people who profess to know the Lord are celebrating her, while Kamala’s ghoulish desire to murder babies isn’t even hidden. To celebrate her is to celebrate Planned Parenthood. To celebrate her, is to celebrate the murder of children. Be careful who you lift up as a hero, our daughters are watching. She has advocated for late-term abortion, at the tax payers expense. She has advocated against preserving the life of a child who survives an abortion. As a Christian, there is nothing to celebrate knowing that Kamala Harris may one day be president of the United States.

On the other hand we have ACB. Amy Coney Barrett has seven children, two of which are adopted. She received great criticism for her adopting children of another ethnicity, and liberals called her a racist. She has gracefully, wisely, and faithfully endured the criticism, and is now on the Supreme Court. She is unequivocally pro-life. In 2006 ACB signed a statement in a newspaper advertisement opposing “abortion on demand”. The statement said this,

“We, the following citizens of Michiana, oppose abortion on demand and defend the right to life from fertilization to natural death.”

This is a hero that should be celebrated, and someone I would have no problem with my daughter looking up to. Someone whose name is attached to a statement like that.

Kamala stands for a woman’s right to murder a child all the way through the 9th month of pregnancy, and I won’t go into the graphic nature of what that looks like. Amy Coney Barrett stands for life. From the womb to the tomb, she believes life is valuable, and worth preserving. Smart, classy, hard-working, gracious, and one who loves God’s design for life. She is proof that women don’t need an abortion to succeed, and she’s someone I hope my daughter looks up to.

God bless Amy Coney Barrett, and I pray that our daughters seek hero’s that stand for life.

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